Summer… Well it’s hot

Summer is here and it is hot!!!! News reports are stating record highs, yikes!!! Staying indoors may seem like the better option, but you can still get out and enjoy the summer days.  We have all of your summer apparel needs covered. Stop on in and let us help keep you looking good in the summer heat 🙂 

Keeping safe in the summer sun can be challenging. Pino by the pool is a fine idea, but sipping on water in between glasses will help keep you hydrated and cool 😉 Sunblock couldn’t be talked about enough. Did you know UV rays will hit under your clothes and swimsuits?? Slap that stuff on all over your skin like it’s lotion! Try finding swimsuits and clothes that have built in UV protection or at least reflect the sun instead of absorb.

Light colors and white is best for the summer days. Dry tech clothes and cotton will help to absorb sweat and keep you cool. Swimsuit cover-ups do the trick as well! Most are cotton, extremely lightweight and breathable. You can go from floating in the water to the riverside restaurant without needing to do a full wardrobe change. Let us drape you in some of our light color clothing to aide in warding off those harmful UV rays.

For those of us whose skin doesn’t play nice with sunblock, take a look at our offering of sunglasses and hats. Stylish options to let you get away with lighter layers of sunblock, keeping you safe and your skin happy! 🙂 

For when you aren’t in the position to spend all day by the water, stay cool with dresses, rompers, shorts, lightweight tops, and some sandals.

Show us how you stay cool during the Hott Summer months!  #Shopherkloset on Instagram 😉

Welcome Spring

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. We’ve got the items you want to help you stay cool – or warm, for when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate! With a rain coat, cover-up, hat, and sunglasses you will be prepared for it all.

We get all kinds of weather in the Spring. Last year we had droughts and this year it seems to not to want to stop raining. The mornings are cool, the days are warm, and the evenings cool back down again. For unpredictable rain to the cooler nights, check out this periwinkle rain coat. The hood hides away in the zipped collar and the sleeves roll-up with a literal snap. New from Ciao Milano.